Secret Garden Large Vase


Secret Garden Large Vase

Made from earthenware paper clay this vase has a delicacy and lightness but is in fact tougher than it initially appears.

This piece is from Vanessa Conyers' Secret Garden Collection which takes a peek through the long grass into an Alice in Wonderland style world full of the fantastic and the beautiful. Images include deer, hares, and the odd pair of frolicking legs hide amongst giant flowers and a molten sky.

The making process is a labour of love, each piece goes through numerous firings. Initially the clay is either smoothed or rolled out and sometimes impressed with fabric and textures (often the inside of a vessel). These are then wrapped around wooden forms or hand constructed into vessels which Vanessa manipulates until they collapse a little, giving them a quirky and individual appearance. Each piece is glazed and decals of designs added before they are finished with mother of pearl, gold and lustres.

Fully functional and incredibly beautiful.
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Material White Paperclay
Dimensions 11.5cm