Summer Trend: Geometric Jewellery


2016 has been the year of geometric jewellery. Bold shapes have been seen on necklaces, bangles and earrings everywhere. Here are some of our favourite designers that have embraced the trend.

2016 has been the year of geometry. Clean lines and sharp shapes have become firmly planted in the design world and jewellery is certainly not being excluded. From bold statement necklaces to delicate stud earrings, there is a geometric piece to Tom Pigeon Geometric Necklace suit everyone’s taste.

One of our favourite designers here at SEED, and a master of contemporary design, is Tom Pigeon. Their use of simple, clean, shapes in materials such as brass, formica and acrylic feel modern yet have a timeless quality. This is the kind of jewellery you can wear again and again with multiple outfits. The whole jewellery spectrum has been covered here, with matching sets of bangles, necklaces and studs all available.

It’s hard not to think of the Art Deco movement when looking at some of these pieces, but when has that ever been a bad Alice Shields Necklace thing? The latest collection from Alice Shields in particular has a retro feel. Alice’s entirely unique ceramic jewellery combines contemporary geometric shapes with the organic feeling porcelain for a juxtaposition that really feels right. The variety of colours and mark making used also keep this collection fresh and remind the wearer of it’s handmade origins.

Although wonderful, geometric jewellery design doesn’t always have to be bold, for example, many of the pieces by Matthew Calvin are an incredible delicate take on the geometric trend. With a whole collection named after the dodecahedron, Matthew’s pieces are subtle homages to shapes and modernMatthew Calvin Geometric Studs design. His stud earring in particular feature a whole array of simple, elegant designs based within the realms of geometric jewellery design. The pieces are often crafted from silver or gold plate giving them a classic look even within the modern design.

These have just been a handful of some of the designers creating striking, geometric pieces and it’s a trend that has truly taken hold in high street brands as well. The clean lines and shapes of geometric jewellery make it feel thoroughly modern and it’s appeal lies in its simple wearability. Here at SEED, we think it’s a trend that’s going to stick around for a while yet and are glad that maths is getting the chance to be a trendsetter!