Meet Jane…

Meet Jane

We have asked our Assistant Manager, Jane , to pick her top three SEED products, read on to see what she is hoping she'll get for her birthday this year (it's in August!)....

imageFirstly a bit about Jane… Jane Likes sewing, knitting and sourcing new textiles. She enjoys creating her own designs from scratch and seeing where the process takes her. Jane likes nothing more than helping her daughters with their own creative projects and long dog walks in the countryside with her “scruffy” little dog, Sky.

Jane’s current SEED favourites include, Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, Rebecca Cole’s Paper Art and Corrinne Eira Evans range of Jewellery.

One of her favourite Sid Dickens to date is ‘Fabled Bird’. She is currently dediciding on where to put it in her home and she knows it’s only a matter of time before she is tempted by another…

Rebecca Coles’s work has always remained a favourite for Jane. Attracted to the the idea of using recycled paper but producing such a pristine and fresh piece of art. Awed by the amount of time and precision each piece requires, her work really is produced to an exceptional standard.

Hard to make a choice between all the talented jewellers we have at SEED, Jane is particularly inspired by Corrinne’s chain mail collection because of its links with mexican culture and the tactile nature of each piece.

Oh and we can’t forget our True grace candles, Jane is like most of our customers and now she’s experieced their rich scent, she can’t resist to burn one most evenings, I believe her favourite changes frequently!

Jane works three days a week at SEED , pop in to say hello, she’s very friendly!