Home Accessories Picked by Fiona


Our long term employee Fiona is leaving us to start the next exciting chapter in her life. Before we said goodbye we asked her to tell us about some of her favourite things she's discovered from SEED.

Our Photographer, and long term employee Fiona is leaving SEED to move to Bath to start the next chapter in her life. Before she goes we have asked her to pick her favourite home accessories and tell us about her decoration plans for her new home..bloginline2

“One of my absolutely favourite SEED products is the stunning hand crafted pieces from Abbeyhorn. I fell in love with their brand as soon as I saw their collection in SEED, and their range has got better and better. I love the horn Tankards, and I think they are the perfect gift for men (esp. if they are Game of Thrones fans!) The jewellery is timeless, and even gets better with wear. I have one of the horn keyrings and I can honestly say I never loose my keys anymore. Abbeyhorn really is a wonderful example of British craftsmanship at its best. Take a peek at their artist page on our website to read more, and see all of their products.

Another of my SEED favourites is the vintage bulb collection , these were a real certain for my new home. They are the perfect addition to a striking lamp, and instantly make an impression in a room.Fionainline

As a keen photographer I always need photo frames, and SEED has a great selection of glass frames. I love the way you can mix and match the different frame styles and colours. I also love that you can keep adding to your display over time (I will definitely be doing this!). You can be really creative with how you fill them, and its effortless to change them around.  The silver antique oval frame looks great with my dome collection, and is the perfect fit for the special picture of my niece on her christening day.

bloginlineSEED introduced me to the famous Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, and now I’m completely addicted! I wait with anticipation to see the new collection, and get hugely excited when its delivery day. I currently own ‘Wild one’ and its only a matter of time before I get my second although there is quite a big shortlist. Browse the whole collection on the SEED website,  you won’t be disappointed.

I couldn’t move in to my new home and not take a True Grace candle with me, there is no candle like them, and they simply smell wonderful. I will definitely be popping back to SEED to restock.bloginline3

I have always lusted over the unique pieces of Indian furniture, and I was lucky enough to be given one of the Indian barber boxes at christmas. Its the perfect addition to my new bedroom and looks great with all my jewellery stored in it. ”

We wish Fiona all the best in her new venture but will miss her dearly! Good luck Fiona!