Handmade hygge this Christmas


Some of our favourite tips for transforming your home into a 'hygge' haven this Christmas season.

So on hearing about ‘hygge’ and the latest trend to hit our shores I’ve been reluctant to jump on the bandwagon as another fad passes by.  However, on hearing more and more about it, isn’t it something we all strive for anyway, now we just have a new term for it.  Hygge originates from Denmark and is a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing and in essence it’s all Catherine Tough socks about creating a nice warm atmosphere and enjoying the good life with those around us. So what’s to fight really, who doesn’t want to enjoy the good things in life, now we just have a new term to reference it.

So I’m no longer fighting it, I’m embracing it and putting together some treats to make some special Christmas hygge moments with your loved ones, a handmade hygge.  So it’s time to turn off the TV, pop on some of your favourite music and snuggle up.

Huddle on the sofa with your children, cocoon yourself in our glamorous printed dressing gowns, wrapped in a McNutts throw, put on some cosy wool socks from Catherine Tough and pop some of our fabulous and fun socks onTrue Grace Candle your children’s tootsies.

Light a True Grace candle of your favourite scent, from Morrocan Rose to the heavier, more musky Library. Whatever your preference, we have a rich array of perfectly combined oils embedded in natural wax that’ll give you 40 hours of relaxation.

Campfire Kit Go for long country walks with friends, breathe in deeply and take in the fresh air.  Wrap up in our Miss Pom Pom beanies and scarves. Maybe even set up a little campfire with our Campfire kits of natural firelighters and marshmallows and sing a few songs, tell a few tales, whatever your penchant, take 5 and enjoy.

Don’t forget your emergency supplies of chocolate (afterall we can’t be pure all the time!) our Arthouse Meath chocolate is pure and good in every way.  The packaging is designed by adults living with epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties and 100% of their sales goes towards sustaining the business and continuing to develop the support it provides. I defy you to find more creative, fun and cheerful packaging.

If you’re home and entertaining friends, take the time to look into the room and enjoy the moment, hear the laughter andGlass votive tales and hold those memories.  Surround yourself with your loved ones whenever possible, they too hold the answer to hygge and wellbeing.  In our home we’ve changed all our bulbs to vintage style filament bulbs which give rooms a lovely, warm glow, nothing too bright (which also hides the decorating I need to do!) Candles add warm scents and a magical glow to rooms – we are big fans of votives and candle holders. Set the mood and the rest will follow.

Ultimately, hygge is a wonderful excuse (as if we needed one!) to focus on spending quality time with those we love, what’s not to love, let’s embrace hygge this season!  I’m off to get my wooly socks and a cup of hot chocolate.

With love this Christmas, Sinead x