Fun Gifts For Animal Lovers

Fun Gifts for animal lovers

We decided to write this blog post after searching for a gift for a friend. Kate's an animal lover and it wasn't until now that we realised how many pieces we have that both male and female animal lovers would love...

There’s a real trend towards animals and woodland creatures in home interiors,  we bring you the beautifully illustrated Woodpecker Cushion by Joanna Allsopp, created and made in Bristol. Locally designed range by Whinberry & Antler includes the Stag Tea Towel. We are very much in love with the quirky Rhino Doorknob and think it’s a really fun and unique gift. The little Fox Sculpture by Joanna Coupland speaks for itself, it’d add huge amounts of character to a room. Our new collection of scented candles include the Game & Garden Countryside. The vessel has umpteen uses once the candle has scented your home.

If you’re looking for a special something to adorn the walls, we’ve got this contemporary Insect print from Katie Leamon.  Songbird and Fortune are just a couple of the many animal centric Memory Blocks by Sid Dickens. A firm favourite with Seed customers is the Owl and the Pussycat Wall Hanging, we’ve known it purchased for children and fun-loving adults alike.

Rory Dobner’s Sir lancelot Medium Plate can either be displayed on the wall which is very on trend, I know it’s a flash back to your grandparents house, but it really works with contemporary designs such as this, or mingled in amongst other artwork. Alternatively it is full functional and can be appreciated whilst enjoying afternoon tea.

Sure to raise a smile is Alice Shield’s Traditional Household Pests Mug, we love her characterful and comedic illustrations. We also have a large selection of natural stone coasters with animal designs, including sheep, stags, ducks, Horses, dogs, hares to name only a few.

If you’re looking for jewellery we have a wide variety including the quirky Giraffe Necklace, elegant Butterfly Drop Earrings and contemporary Cat Ring.

Lastly the Dachshund Notebook, just because…we can’t resist a sausage dog!

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