How To Find Gifts for Book Lovers


Struggling to find a gift for a literary friend or loved one? Read our guide to discovering the ideal present for a lover of literature...

Need a gift for a book lover? Bookworm? Literary queen? Shakespeare addict? We have a selection of literary inspired gifts to cover all, Wizard of Oz, Alice in wonderland, Oscar Wilde, the list goes on and on… have a peak at our favourites…

Robert Lee’s Box Art ‘Alexandrian-Auteur’

Robert Lee’s work often starts with a piece of literature that has captured and inspired him. His box art is unique and each piece has been carefully thought through, only using the most relevant objects. Each box comes with a detailed description of his process and helps to build a clear picture of the story from which it was devised. The book is placed within the box, so you can read it too.

Emily WatsonEmily Watson’s Book art

Emily Watson’s stunning book art never fails to impress and is a fantastic present for a keen reader and someone who appreciates a good book. Each book has been hand folded to perfection.

Oscar Wilde ‘Looking at the Stars’ Star Bracelet

A lovely bracelet with the classic quote , “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars “. We think this will make a great gift for a flower girl or a good friend.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower Infinity Earrings

These earrings are presented on a print featuring Stephen Chbosky’s famous quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. They come in a lovely presentation box and make a really thoughtful gift for any occasion. We also have literary earrings in hearts, stars and arrows.

Literary Calendar

The perfect gift for any book lover. Each month features a famous quote from a novel, alongside beautiful seasonal illustrations. This is a perpetual calendar and can be used again and again to remember all those important birthdays and anniversaries.

Ernest Hemingway Cat Necklace

A gift for the bookworm and cat lover. This necklace is presented on a postcard with Ernest Hemingway’s quote which reads: ‘One cat just leads to another’. We have a huge range of literary inspired necklaces by Literary Emporium, all including a postcard print of the quote.

This is just a few of the literary gifts we have at SEED, browse our website for more inspiration…

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