Behind the Scenes at Sid Dickens: The Memory Block Process


We go behind the scenes at Sid Dicken's HQ and discover how he makes his marvellous memory blocks

Sid DickensOur Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are a popular gift and we completely understand why! Each block is hand finished and has been a labour of love for everyone involved in the process. We thought we would take you behind the scenes at Sid Dickens HQ and explain more about how he creates these beautiful works of art.

All the Memory blocks start their life on Sid’s ‘cooking table’ where he experiments with all his materials and techniques until he is happy with the design. Some of his designs require him to create his own glazing formulas in order to create the exact look he wants.

The production process involves 5 different stages; each of these stages has a specialist team, trained in their field.

The first stage involves Sid using a 3D printer to prototype the designs. This is followed by the use of traditional methods including, mould making, sculpting and plaster casting to create the final product.

Sid DickensSid creates the 6 x 8 inch polyurethane mould, which plaster is then poured in to and then left to naturally harden. The blocks are then placed in a muffled kiln to remove any moisture.

Next, the decorating stage. There are many different techniques applied at this stage depending on the design of the block. To achieve the desired effect, glazing, gliding, and staining are all used along with special metals including iron paint and gold/silver leaf.

The artisans apply the finishing touches free hand or with carefully designed stencils and stamps. Slight imperfections and irregular edges are part of the character of the blocks and represent the personal touch of the artisans.

The blocks are made with porcelain- like– plaster. The plaster is durable and resists the wear of time. The solvent used is biodegradable and made from orange peel. All the paints and coatings are water based and made from sustainable materials. The packaging is recycled and recyclable. Sid prides himself and his company on being eco-friendly.

In Vancouver at the head office, there are around 35 trained craftspeople all following Sid Dickens initial manufacturing method which was initially devised in 1994 when it all started.

All Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are 100% handmade, from start to finish. Browse our full Sid Dickens collection here.HQ